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Miley Cyrus - The Backyard Sessions - Jolene
Beyoncé, Dolly Parton - JOLENE (Music Video)
Jolene (Audio)
Jolene (Live Under Blackpool Lights)
Dolly Parton - Jolene (Lyrics)
Golden Buzzer: Chapel Hart Wows The Judges With Original, You Can Have Him Jolene | AGT 2022
Beyoncé - JOLENE (Letra) | Beats do Alvin
Dolly Parton - Jolene 19880110
Lana Del Rey - Jolene (Full Audio)
Miley Cyrus - Jolene (Backyard Session) HD | LYRICS IN VIDEO!
Jolene - Miley Cyrus (Lyrics) 🎵
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You Can Have Him Jolene
Jolene (feat. Dolly Parton)
Beyoncé - JOLENE (Lyrics)

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